Monday, February 18, 2013

Insanity and a Fat Girl - Week 3

Day 1 (Feb.11) - Fit Test:  Woke up this morning feeling rather crummy.  Sore, scratchy throat, headache; you know, the blahs.  Yesterday I had absolutely no energy at all.  I could hardly get off of the couch. 

I started the morning off with overnight oatmeal.  This is a gem that I found online and decided to try.  Keep in mind, though, that I don't have chia seeds and dried fruits and nuts just laying around the house.  The fancy pants of Pinterest put all of that in their oatmeal.  Maybe it should be renamed "bird oatmeal".  It was really easy to do!  One cup of quick oats, one cup of the milk of your choice (I used soy milk because I knew that Daven would want to share).  Combine in a jar, shake to mix, and let it set in the fridge overnight.  I added honey to give it some sweetness.  It's basically cold oatmeal, but you can heat it up if you want.  It was good, although I had to stop myself from pouring sugar into it to make it more sweet like I am used to.

I know it doesn't look all that appetizing here.  Kind of hard to make oatmeal sexy.  But hey, no burning your mouth on your scalding oats!

Let me tell you why I have posted a picture of my legs.  Before starting this workout routine, I couldn't get these knee socks up anywhere above my ankles.  I know, it's sad.  But today as I was dressing to do the fit test, I decided to give these socks a try.  And they fit the way they should!  Momma's makin' progress!

Even though the test is only 25 min. long, it's still brutal.  But I was able to actually finish the video this time! 

Here's the run-down:

Switch kicks - 60
Power jacks - 15
Power knee - 45
Power jumps - I wasn't able to do a single one in correct form
Global Jumps - 3
Suicide jumps - 4
Push-up jacks - 5
Low plank obliques - 20

These are based on the number of repetitions you can do within the span of one minute.  I didn't write any record of the first test two weeks ago, because I honestly couldn't do hardly any of it.We'll see where my numbers are two weeks from now.

After we finished with Daven's 3-year check-up at the doctor's, we bundled up and took a walk.  Had I realized just how windy it actually was we probably would have stayed inside.  There wasn't much traffic up on the flood wall today, and I tried to keep a medium pace since it was so cold with the wind.  Our faces were cold, but I know that Bub likes being outside.  We walked for about 40 minutes.

Day 2 (Feb.12) - Cardio Circuit:  I decided that I needed to work out a bit later in the day so that I could actually get a few chores done first.  I'm likely to be a bum after.  Wash the dishes?  Oh dear, I'm sorry; Shawn T got to me first.  Today I did do the dishes, among other super fun house items.

We went out for Japanese tonight and Adam and I both noticed a change in how much we were able to eat.  I could barely finish my sushi, and I didn't take a single bite out of my rice.  Adam couldn't finish his chicken.  Daven, on the other hand, who has gotten is appetite back after being sick, ate like a mad man!

Day 3 (Feb.13) - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs:  This video can just eat it.  At the end of the warm-up section when you already wish that you could quit, Shawn T starts talking about how he's nervous about the workout.  I've done it a handful of times already and have always been able to power through it.  But just him saying that fills me with dread every single time.

I managed to do this workout without an audience today.  Adam took a vacation day from work so that he could get his car worked on.  The boys took my car to run some errands, so I sweat my you-know-what off without having to keep the tot entertained or worrying about Adam watching me at my near worst.

An hour later, I'm having to try to massage my calves because they ache.  I can definitely, as they say, feel the burn.

Day 4 (Feb.14) - Cardio Recovery:  "You need this."  Shawn T's tone was very serious.  "I know, but I don't want this," I replied to my tv.  There's one stretch move in this video that I cannot do AT ALL.  I think if I ever manage to actually do it, I'll have Adam take a picture of me so that you can see just how impossible it is.  Adam says that he can do it now. (Says the guy that has missed his workout for the past two days, cough cough)  I do believe him, though.  He has way more upper body strength than I do.

Then there's the section of the video where he spends literally a million minutes in the squat position doing all kinds of crap.  A millionMinutes.  I'm standing in front of the tv taking a break, panting with sweat pouring off of me and he looks at me and says, "Don't stretch out yet!  Stay in form!"  I gave him the finger.  I'll stretch out if I want!  You don't tell me what to do - you're not my dad!

Joking aside though, I'm getting better at being able to do the exercises for longer periods of time in between rests.  And Shawn T is just being tough on me because he loves me.

Since today is Valentine's Day, I figured I would give you something other than a sweaty self portrait to look at.  Here's me at dinner, totally pumped to be getting sushi for dinner.

Day 5 (Feb.15) - Cardio Power & Resistance:  My eyes will not stay open today.  I usually try to do my workout in the morning so that I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.  Not today.  Ugh.  I told myself that I would get it done before Adam got home from his half day of work.  Nope.  I'll do it this afternoon.  Oh, but Daven wants to watch Wall E and start it over three times, so I can't work out now.  Then we went out to eat with Adam's family.  And they came back over to the house afterward. 

The only audience I willingly allow is Daven.  Because Daven doesn't judge me and my near-pass-out heavy breathing.  I'll only allow Adam in the room if he is helping to entertain Daven.  Adam started his workout while everyone was still at the house, and I golf clap him for that.  Even after his parents went home, his sister stayed because Daven demanded it.  But can you blame him for loving his aunt Lauren?

At this point in the evening I had a glass of champagne.  And then while watching Adam finish up the video and encouraging him on (though it may have sounded a bit like badgering) I had another glass.  Buzzed and making innuendos about all of the people in the workout video, I was a happy camper and had pretty much settled in to skip a day.  Just this once.

"But you have to do it.  You haven't missed a day yet," says Adam.  But...but...ok.  But I don't know how well this is going to go. I mean, it's quarter to 9 in the evening and I've had a bit to drink.  And I am certainly not going to have my sister-in-law witness such horrors or her boyfriend, Cory, who by this time had come over to join us.  So I trudged up the stairs to Daven's room to torture myself.

Let's recap:  it was night.  We had company over.  I had a few drinks.  And I STILL worked out.

Does anyone remember the cartoon, Animaniacs?  I watched it all the time growing up.  I think it was one of the few cartoons that my dad could actually stand to watch.  Anyway, they had a segment on there called "Good Idea, Bad Idea".  I felt like I was an example in this.

Good idea: working out
Bad idea: working out after having a drink

I did manage to make it through to the end, although I had to take rests.  Have you ever had a vurp?  You know, where you burp and stomach acid come up into your mouth?  Yeah, that happened to me while I was trying to do push-ups.  Nasty.  Although in all honesty, since I have acid reflux this could happen at any time, regardless of whether or not I had a drink. 

After the workout, I wasn't good for anything except for laying in bed.  I caught my breath, carried Daven (who had passed out on Adam) upstairs and spaced out to reruns of Law and Order SVU. 

Day 6 (Feb.16) - Plyometric Cardio Circuit:  Just didn't want to do it.  I woke up sleepy and freezing.  Made muffins but I didn't really care for them.  Daven didn't like them either.  And they were chocolate chocolate chip!  And a recipe from Food Network!  I forced myself to do the video, but since I had less than a muffin to eat, that was a poor idea.  I ended up spending about a third of it on the floor, trying not to pass out.  Daven must be learning a thing or two from Mr. Shawn T because he looked up from my iPad and said, "Come on, mommy!  Get up!"

Adam brought home Arby's for lunch.  I ate half my sandwich and my potato cakes and then immediately had issues of the rear variety.  I guess that was my body's way of saying, "Get this crap food out of me!"

Even after a shower and some lounging on the couch with bubby watching Richie Rich, I still don't feel all that well.   That seems to be the trending theme for my weekends now.  It's like I make it through the week's workout and then my body just decides it's had enough and I spend my weekend being pathetic. 

Day 7 (Feb.17) - Rest:  The morning started with  me taking Daven to immediate care, without having showered or eaten anything.  He had been saying off and on for a few days now that his ear hurt.  I know how badly ear infections can feel so I wanted to get it checked out as soon as possible.  Go figure that as soon as we find out the tube has come out of his ear, the infections resume.  After being in there for 2 hours, despite the fact that we got there right when it opened, we were diagnosed.  At this point Daven was fibbing and telling me his ear didn't hurt anymore because he wanted to go to the train show.  Since we had already planned to, he wasn't running a fever, and he was pulling the whole, "Please, mommy?  Pretty please?" bit, we went ahead and he had a great time.

Another week down.  Even though I had a serious case of "eat my feelings" this weekend, I've still stuck to the workout schedule. 


  1. Kudos to you with the working out!!! Go go go!!! :) It's so hard loosing weight
    Especially in this weather... whew. It's killer.

  2. Wow - Way to go!! That program sounds crazy but I've heard a lot of good things about it! As far as your overnight oats go - that is pretty much my go-to breakfast. You should try chocolate PB over night oats - it's pretty much like eating a no bake cookie for breakfast - no big deal, just AWESOME! I make mine with 1/2 c rolled oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 2 Tb. PB2 (this stuff is awesome), and 1/2 Tb. cocoa powder, oh and usually 1 packet of stevia to sweeten it. Sometimes I just use the chocolate PB2 and then I don't have to use the cocoa powder. If you don't want to find PB2 you could also just use regular peanut butter! You'll have to let me know if you try it =)

    1. Also it keeps up to a week in the fridge so on sunday night I make enough to last all week and just put it in separate containers

    2. That sounds yummy! I've never heard of PB2. But I like the idea of adding more variety to it. Daven will love it as well!

  3. This is so awesome! You motivate me! By the way - I LOVED good idea bad idea. I still quote it from time to time.

  4. Go Leslie! Yay for socks to the knees. You have already inspired me to get back in reading the way I should, maybe next is working out! R u going to do it again when you are done until you get to a "goal weight"?

  5. Thanks for all the support, you all. And thanks for reading my never-ending posts. My initial goal is to just make it all the way through the two months of this. After that, I think I will take a break from these videos and try something else. I know that Shawn T has some dancing workout videos that I'd like to try.