Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review: Love You More

Here is the latest book in the Detective D.D. Warren series.  Why does she keep writing about this author?  I don't care!  Well, you should care, because Lisa Gardner is an amazing author and I don't think she has been given near enough recognition.

This book opens to a female state trooper shooting her husband three times.  And her daughter is missing.  The police arrest her for the murder.  But come on.  It's a crime novel.  Do you think that it's going to be that easy?  Oh, don't get smart with me; no you didn't.

On top of the murder investigation and the amber alert, D.D. has some personal issues to face as well.  In the previous novel, the usual loner detective gets cozy with a gentleman friend.  But don't worry - this isn't 50 shades...of anything.

Where is the little girl?  Why did the state trooper feel the need to shoot her husband?  Does she have an accomplice?

As Gardner has done in her other works, you get to read the point of view from multiple characters.  Here, the reader gets the perspective of my favorite detective, as well as the accused, Tessa.  Watch out - the prison bit is nuts!

I'd compare this book to Gone Girl in respect to the amount of premeditation and planning that is revealed throughout.  Although unlike that book, this one doesn't end in a "WTH?"  If you've read Gone Girl I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  But I haven't read any of these books.  Unlike you, I HAVE a job.  Well, you should read them.  Reading is a swell hobby.

I really wish that all of these books could be turned into a Law and Order type show.  I would do an excited dance!

So, on a little side note, here's something that I found when I was google searching for an image of the book title page...

Is this not the best?  It turns out, there is a whole line of "love you more than..." at  I'm definitely going to have to check out her site again.

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