Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Weekend of Sun

It was such a nice change to have mild, sunny weather this past weekend.  Too bad Nana Julie was sick and in bed.  Hope you're feeling better, Nana!

Friday my mom asked if she could keep Daven.  Since he hadn't napped that day, we assumed he would go to bed early so she wanted to keep him for the night.  I was still feeling gross from my ear infection and the meds for it, so Adam and I stayed in.  He cooked me dinner and we started watching a new tv series on Netflix. 

Daven stayed up until 10 that night and then was up bright and early the next morning.  What a monkey.

Daven also spent most of the day Saturday with my mom.  I went over around lunch time and the three of us played outside.  It's funny when I look at it now, all the pictures of him from that afternoon and while he's stuffing his face!

Daven wasn't a happy camper when nana had to leave to go to work.  And he really wasn't happy when daddy left for his show.  But thankfully, his cousins were outside and asked him to play.  Christie and I got to be porch honkies!   (Love you, lady!)  Daven has really improved on getting going on his trike.  Pretty soon he'll be traveling right along with his Deedee and Momo!

This next picture is one for the future blackmail book.  After an overnight with nana and a full day of outside play, Daven still fought bed time.  This was about 10 minutes before he finally gave it up.

Sunday we planted some seeds!  My mom found these little kits on sale at Lowes.  I'm excited to see if they actually grow for us.  It would be great to have an herb garden to go with my mint plants this year.  My bubby is our little no-pants gardener!

After lunch we went outside to play some more in the nice weather.  Karlyn and Morgan came over to play, too!

The turtle's eye patch needs more duct tape.

Daven is still having trouble steering and driving his police car at the same time.  The girls are trying to help teach him.  I love having this long, extra driveway. They all have very serious faces.

"No, no, here let me show you.  You have to turn it this way..."
"Hey, who's the one driving here?  I can do it!"
That's what I imagined they were saying anyway.

Even after hours of play and dinner with Aunt Laura and great papaw, Daven still had energy left to burn.  So he and daddy chased each other around the yard until it got dark. 

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