Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Dying

A time-honored (smelly) tradition

Even though this will be Daven's 4th Easter, for some reason this is the first time we have ever dyed Easter eggs.  I had even bough all of the stuff we needed last year, but it never got opened.  Weird.

I hard boiled the eggs late this morning.  We talked about dying eggs all day.  I wanted to make sure that the eggs were cooled down from cooking, so I decided that we would do this activity right after dinner.

That was the wrong choice.  I should have waited until tomorrow.

After not napping yesterday, going to bed too late, getting up early and not napping today, Daven was not in optimal shape to sit down and do an activity.  Of any kind.  It's the 3-year-old defiance. 

He put a color tab in each container and helped me pour the vinegar in each one.  He wrote a bit on a few eggs with the "magic crayon" - AKA wax shaped like a crayon.  But since you can't really see what you're writing before the egg is dyed, he became disinterested pretty fast.  He also put an egg into each color, but said "I'm done" before they had soaked for very long.

I had prepped an entire dozen eggs, so I was determined to finish dying them even if Daven didn't want to.  All he wanted to do was take a bath with a bunch of random "toys".  I have been washing and saving random containers to be used for water play this summer, like an empty dish soap container and a creamer bottle.  He found the stash and wanted bath time.

So Adam and I dyed the remainder of the eggs while Daven ran around the dining room table like a crazy kid.  I was a bit bummed that Daven didn't enjoy the activity more, but at the same time I realize that he was just too worn out from the day to sit and focus.

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