Sunday, March 10, 2013

Momo Says:

Lately I've been posting about random things that Daven says.  Well, today while we were outside playing with his cousins, Morgan said something that I thought was pretty hilarious.  I mentioned to Mama Christie that I was going to post what her goofy daughter had said.

Daven, Deedee and Momo were all playing in his pirate turtle sandbox.  Mo mentioned that Daven's feet were really small.  I guess this got her thinking about babies, because then she said,

"I was such a cute baby.  Everyone loved me when I was a baby.  Now I'm just...the devil."

Morgan turns 6 years old tomorrow and is in kindergarten.  We love her dearly.  She is a princess with an attitude. (And Mo, if your mommy happens to read this to you, having an attitude isn't always the right way to go about things!)  She's spunky and fun, just like her sister.

I'll be dedicating a post later this evening for pictures of our sunny weekend, so look out for that.  There will be pictures of the three amigos included.

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