Monday, March 4, 2013

Louisville Kid's Fair

 I wrote most of this yesterday, finishing up today.  Didn't want you all to get confused!

AKA a huge drain on your wallet.  Even though today was grandparent's day and Nana and Papaw got in free, they still paid way too much for all of us to gain entry into the Kid's Fair.  It was packed in that room at the convention center!

One thing that they did well was to have signs posted for what age groups could do which activities.  They had separate bouncy houses so that the big kids didn't trample the younger ones.  At least those were free.  Most of the activities cost even more money, despite the money you already gave them just to get in.

Daven sat on this bouncy horse just long enough for me to get a picture.  Had it been the only thing in the room I think he would have had a blast.  But there was way too much going on for him (or any kid) to focus.

This was a blow-up stairs and slide.  Daven made it about 3 steps up before deciding that he was scared and didn't want to do it.

Daddy and Cameron tried to help Daven make a basket.  The lady supervising this was a bit pushy and Daven ended up crying when she told him his time was up.  For the record, she didn't have a stopwatch to make everyone's turn even like the lady at the bouncy house did.  Just sayin'.


I promise you - this baby goat is not dead.  I know you can't tell very well from the picture, but it was sleeping peacefully amongst all the noise.  I totally wanted to cuddle it.  So cute.

The animals were being binge fed, since their food was 50 cents a tiny cup and everyone was feeding them.  This felt sketchy to me.

Where there is a gun, Daven will want to give it a try.  And here is where it starts getting spendy.  (Yes, spendy.)  All of the games required tickets to play.  And the tickets were $1 a piece.  This game here, for example - 2 tickets to shoot the cork gun twice.  Thankfully everyone gets a prize regardless of whether or not they hit a soda can.

This one here is my favorite.  It looks like Daven really is focusing on aiming.  And having daddy smile is nice as well.

There was even a line to get to sit in the fire engine and the police helicopter.  I told Adam that this was like mega lame Disney World - expensive and lots of lines, but without the magic.

I'm bummed that this picture is blurry.  But look at that smile!

Driving the helicopter with another little girl.  They each got to handle the controls.

Since activities were divided by age groups, Daven and Cameron weren't able to do many of the same things.  But we all cheered Cameron on as he attempted the rock wall.  Spoiler alert - he made it to the top and pushed the buzzer!  Way to go, cousin Cameron!

The boys had a blast today, regardless of the crowd and the cheesy prizes.  I just felt bad that Adam's parents shelled out so much money for what I thought was a total rip-off.  I don't know that we will all do that again when this happens next year. 

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