Saturday, March 2, 2013

Holy Guaca Mole!

If you live anywhere near the Louisville area, I insist that you go eat at Guaca Mole.  This gem is located on Ormsby Station Road, but is worth the short drive if you are like us and live on the Indiana side of the river.  My husband's coworker, Billy, introduced him to this restaurant last week when he treated him there for lunch.  After I grumped and pouted about not being able to have experienced it myself, Adam assured me that we would go there soon. 

Adam, Daven and I went last night for family dinner and it was SO good.  The space is open and boldy colored.  Bright Dia de los Muertos skull artwork hang on the walls.  "Look, mommy!  Skeletons!  Those nice skeletons!"  And the staff members were so nice - I can't remember the last time we had such good service at a restaurant!  Our server was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and patiently talked with Daven as he told her about his drum set and sang her the Power Rangers song.

We started off with the salsa sampler, in which you get mild, medium and hot.  In the picture below, they go in that order; the spiciest salsa is the one in the back that looks like buffalo sauce!  My favorite was the mild salsa with the roasted red peppers that was slightly sweet.  Adam and Daven both liked the medium one best, made with tomatillos.  The hot salsa was tasty; I just wasn't in the mood last night to burn my mouth!

 Even though Daven refused to take off his coat, he wasn't afraid to try new things.  Here he is concentrating very hard on dipping his chip to get just the right amount of salsa.

Those who know me know that I love my beer.  I got a tall glass of Pacifico, which is an import beer that I had never had before.  I've never met a Mexican beer I didn't like.  And this beer was delicious.

 I realize that this isn't the best photo, but here is Adam's entree.  He got the carne asada steak that came with re-fried black beans, rice, and corn or flour tortillas.  He offered a bite of his steak to me and it was really good.

 Here is what I finally decided on, after talking to our waitress about what she would recommend.  It was on the special offerings list (AKA the Lenten menu).  To make sure I don't get it wrong, here is the description from off of their facebook page:

Pescado a la Veracruzana: From of Veracruz region of Mexico. Pan seared corvina, poblano rice, plantains, veracruzana sauce(tomatoe, wine onions, capers and olives, lobster stock).

This is the fanciest plate of food that I have ever had set down in front of me.  I almost felt as if I were on a cooking competition show on Food Network and this was one of the dishes that the judges got to taste.  It was absolutely amazing.  Adam laughed at me when he caught me sulking because I couldn't finish it.  I wanted to keep eating even though I was stuffed after half. 

And guess what?  Daven liked the fish!  He took about a half dozen bites from my plate. He even tried the fried plantains, even though he spit those right back out.  I normally don't like onions but these were small and sweet.  They didn't even give me indigestion the rest of the night like I had feared.  I don't know why all places don't use this kind of onion instead.

Daven ordered the chicken tenders and fries.  I believe in this picture he is blowing on his food to cool it down.  After all the chips and salsa he ate, plus trying food off of my plate, he didn't eat much of his food.  But we boxed it up to take home with us.  I'm actually surprised that he didn't get it out for breakfast this morning!

We will definitely be coming back to eat at Guaca Mole again.  Shelby, when are you free?  We also want to take friends and family who haven't tried it.  For me, it's so much fun to experience good food for the first time and share it with others. 

Guaca Mole FB page


  1. I nominated you for three awards! Come check them out! Thanks for being an amazing writer and a beautiful person. I adore your blog!

  2. Hey, I love Guaca Mole, I have had what Adam had and it is wonderful also if you like fich tacos, which I dont esp, theirs are out of this world good. I also enjoyed the salsa trio and we tried a few of the apps there too.