Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Egg Salad

Last night we dyed eggs.  Today I started thinking about what we could make to use the eggs.  When I was a kid, people would bring these to the Easter egg hunts.  But let's be honest - who really wants a hard boiled egg that someone else made and that had been sitting out in the grass?  I know that mom used to sneak and throw them out because she didn't want us to get sick.

As far as traditions go, dying eggs is great.  But as far as hunting quality and fun, I still say plastic is the way to go.

But onto today's lunch.  We made egg salad.  I used 3 of our dozen eggs, which was just enough for Daven and I to both have a sandwich.  We used Mayo and (too much) dijon mustard, plus salt and pepper.

Thanks to Aunt Lauren (or Lauren Jr. as the family calls her) we have an abundance of plastic knives from the Panera that she brought us this morning.  Daven really liked being able to cut the eggs into pieces, although I did have to show him how to hold the egg with one hand while using the other hand to cut.  It was a bit comical watching the egg slide around in the bowl every time he tried to cut it.  Since I rinsed the eggs off after peeling them, they were slippery!

Daven tasted a piece of the egg before we mixed everything together and hated it so much that he spit it back out.  I asked him to try it again after the mix was complete, and he liked it.

Next up: tuna salad!

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  1. You need dill relish in both egg and tuna salad! Ill let it slide from the egg maybe but you def need it in tuna! And not sweet, yuk!