Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Insanity and a Fat Girl - Month 2, week 1 interrupted

So here's how it was supposed to go down:

Day 1 (March 4) - Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit
Day 2 (March 5) - Max Interval Plyo
Day 3 (March 6) - Max Cardio Conditioning
Day 4 (March 7) - Max Recovery
Day 5 (March 8) - Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
Day 6 (March 9) -Core Cardio & Balance
Day 7 (March 10) - Rest

Here's how it actually went:

Monday: I thought that surely by the time I finished with the round of antibiotics today that my ear would feel better.  But it didn't.  While Adam was doing his workout, I was curled up shivering, in and out of sleep on the couch.  Then after he was done he asked if I was going to make dinner.  I mumbled something and he fixed us spaghetti.  He wasn't all that happy about doing it, and I felt super guilty.  I ended up fixing the bread while he made the angel hair and the meat sauce.

Tuesday:  Didn't feel too bad this morning, and got myself showered and dressed nice for my job interview.  My ear was still hurting so I went ahead and called the Dr's office and left a message for his nurse.  The interview went well, I think, and Daven had a good time playing with papaw.  I tried to do my workout when we got home that afternoon, but I barely made it 10 minutes in.  Adam said that I was doing the wrong video anyway.  I got a mega case of vertigo and started getting shooting pain from my ear down to my jaw. 

The Dr.'s office finally called me back around dinner time and said that I was going to need to make an appointment to come see him so that he could try to figure out what was going on.  I worried that my dad wouldn't be up to watching Daven two days in a row, but luckily he agreed.

Wednesday:  Saw Dr. Mayfield this morning.  He started with the usual: "Sinuses look fine, wow, you've got big tonsils, your right ear looks good."  Then he sticks that whatchamacallit in my left ear and I cringe in pain.  "Oh.  Wow.  Yeah.  Oh dear.  Yep, it's red, alright.  I bet this hurts being in your ear, huh?"  Then I pointed out the spot behind my ear that had turned into a knot.  He said it was a swollen node.

So now I'm on another round of antibiotics.  This will make the third round so far this year.  And it's only the beginning of March.  He said that if this doesn't clear it up that I will want to see a specialist (ENT).  Looks like Daven and I might need to start seeing the same guy for our ears. 

Oh, and when I told him about how difficult it has been trying to workout without falling over, he told me that I needed to take a 2 week break from it.  Crap.  He said that if I really start to feel 100% better before then I can give it a go, but that I need to rest and get this healed before I go back to kicking A with Shawn T.  No, he didn't actually say "kicking A" but that would have been awesome if he had.

I started my meds after I ate lunch and an hour later I was feeling flu-ish.  I couldn't get warm, I felt gross, it was hard to keep my eyes open.  A couple hours later I feel better.  But if it's going to be like this after every time I take that huge pill twice a day, it's going to be a long 10 days. I'm dreading taking it again after I eat dinner.

So here's a question for you: when I do start back to the daily routine, do I need to start the whole plan over?  Or can I start back where I left off at the beginning of month 2?  Since I know for sure that I will not be able to work out for the rest of the week, I think I'll post this earlier than usual to get your feedback.  So let me know what you think about how I should handle this sick leave from Shawn T.


  1. I would start at where you left off. you can always go back and do the first part when you get done with the course. I have a friend who has lost over 100 pounds doing this program and she still does it and LOOKS amazing. I know its hard, but if you count your calories, I bet you could still lose some weight during your time off and not feel completely regressed.

  2. Im sorrt your ears are giving you so much trouble. Sucks!
    I say focus on calorie counting. I don't know much about the shawn t program but when you start it back up don't be discouraged. You can do it!

  3. I hate to be the negative one but I think you should start it back at the beginning, but I say that bc I think it will go better for you that way, working back up to things rather than starting the harder stuff of month two when yuove done nothing for a couple weeks

  4. Well I'm still not sure what exactly I'll do, but thanks for the input, ladies! I'm hoping to feel well enough to start back at it soon.