Monday, March 4, 2013

Insanity and a Fat Girl - Week 5

Day 1 (Feb.25) - Core cardio & balance:  This whole week is labeled as a recovery week.  I am supposed to do the same video every day.  I'm sure by Friday I will be quoting Mr. T again.  This is also day 1 of dieting for me, and it already sucks.  From the suggestion of a few friends I downloaded the app My Fitness Pal on my phone.  I'm not even done with the day and I can already tell that we are not going to be pals.  Readers, I am hungry.  You have to give your body time to adjust and your stomach to shrink.  It gets SO much easier.  Yeah, I hear you.  But this sucks NOW.  I feel like I don't even have enough fuel to do the workout, and that's with me caving and eating a slice of cold cheese pizza for a snack!

BUT I did manage to get a knee brace today.  It's pretty embarrassing having to go to a medical supply store to get your plus sized brace though.  Next up, a recliner that tips you out!  But no wonder I couldn't fit anything from the other stores.  They are either one size fits all or sm/med.  Momma is XXXL.  The girl that helped me find the brace and measured around my leg was nice.  And tiny.  Must be nice to be tiny...

A bit later in the evening:

Well, calorie counting is good for telling you that you can't eat anything.  I'm over my daily count.  Made chili for dinner.  But I just need to point out that no one is going to eat one cup of chili and be full.  I mean, really.  That's the serving size?  That's like going to Steak and Shake and getting the tiny cup of chili and nothing else.

Adam and I worked out after dinner, dishes and Daven's bath.  My mind seems to hover over the gutter all of the time.  When we got to the stretching portion of the video, Adam said, "Wow, you can really stretch better than I can."  I giggled.  "I mean, you can go down more."  Laughing.  Not sure if he told me to shut up or not, but he should have.  Sweating through the middle of a workout and I still find innuendos to laugh at.

Just about everything hurt my knee, despite the fact that I had my new brace on.  Without it I think the workout would have been intolerable.  I'm definitely going to need to ice it soon.  And guess what?  I'm hungry again after working out.  This is what I feared about dieting - all I've fixated on all day is food.  I'm going to have to quarantine myself from the Food Network for sure.  But at least I know that even though I'm not up to par yet, I'm eating less and I'm eating better.  One day at a time.

Day 2 (Feb. 26) - Core cardio & balance:  I finished my workout today before Adam got home from work.  I kept up a bit better than yesterday, with more reps and less rest.  The bad thing about working out in the afternoon when you're counting calories is I was hungry and shaky during.  I know I would be better off getting it done in the morning.  Maybe I'll start that soon.  (Maybe not.)

When Adam worked out after dinner, Daven wanted to do it with him.  And he stuck with it for over half the video!  It was super adorable watching them workout together, and Daven looking to Adam for the moves instead of the tv.  The hard part when he's working out with you though is making sure you don't step on him or run over him!  Adam gave me permission to share this picture with you all.  They are doing mummy kicks.

Day 3 (Feb.27) - Core cardio & balance: It just didn't happen today.  There are plenty of excuses I could give, but bottom line - I didn't do the video today.  I was waiting to do it together with Adam after dinner.  While I contemplated trying to do it before he got home, this caused Daven to nap late yesterday and then stay up for forever.  Seriously.  I know I over-exaggerate everything, but it was 11:15pm before he finally settled down and went to sleep.  So I waited.  But then right after dinner Daven got needy and fell asleep with me rocking him.

When I tried to lay him down so that I could go across the street to Christie's house to pay them for the Girl Scout cookie we ordered a while back, he started fussing and holding his arms out to me to pick him up again.  He ended up laying on Adam while I went.  Christie gave me a generous glass of wine and I sat and talked with her and her family for a bit.  The girls were pretty bummed that I didn't bring Daven over with me.  I can't wait until the weather is warm enough for us to be porch honkies again!  Daven misses his Deedee and Momo!

Once I got back home we put Daven to bed.  There was still technically time to do  the workout, but we didn't.  On the plus side, I didn't get into the cookies yet!  I actually had to hide them in the pantry so that Daven doesn't know that we have them.  That kid has a radar for chocolate!

Day 4 (Feb. 28) - Core cardio & balance:  Got to my workout before lunch today, mostly because I'm still feeling guilty about not working out yesterday.  But it was rough.  It seems that my ear infection is back in full force despite the fact that it's been less than two months since I last finished antibiotics.  It's been hurting for a few days now.  Today it's dripping.  Yes, there is fluid coming out of my ear.  Gross, right?  When I kept getting dizzy during the workout and couldn't finish through with the cool down stretches, I called the Dr.  They have prescribed me another round of antibiotics.  I'm not thrilled about taking them, because they are probably going to make me poop.  And I can't stand when a medicine makes you feel worse than you were to start with.

I'm still inputting my calories into the counting app as accurately as I can.  yesterday I was actually a tiny bit below my max calories for the first time.  I still don't like doing it though.  It makes me anxious and nervous...and hungry.  But when I stepped on the scale today after a few days of glaring at it angrily every time I stepped in the bathroom and I am down 3 pounds!

Daven insisted on getting workout shorts and his basketball shoes on to work out with me.  Once I started the video, however, he pretty much just ran around in circles and then crawled between my legs while I was stretching.  He paused to pose for a picture with me before we started, though.

You know that the high-up bun hairdo is amazing.  But it's ok if you are afraid to admit it.  I understand.

Day 5 (March 1) - Core cardio & balance:  While putting away towels in the bathroom closet, I took one of Adam's shirts out.  It's a long sleeved polo that I'm not sure who gave it to him but am certain that he has never worn it before.  This isn't the first time I've tried it on.  But before the sleeves were incredibly tight around my arms and the bottom of the shirt was above the bottom of my stomach.  It looks so comfy and taunts me from Adam's closet.  It's a reminder that I am way heavier than my husband and cannot wear his clothes like they do in romantic comedies and dramas.

But today it fits!

This little happy accomplishment makes me more motivated to do my workout today.  And not eat all of the foods in the world at once.  Ok, maybe just a few.  I mean, a girl's got to eat!  But first I am taking Daven to Ms. Peggy's for a hair cut.

We went to Guaca Mole for dinner tonight, which got it's own blog entry.  Came home and did the workout.  Well, I tried to do the workout.  Adam got through the whole thing.  I did not.  The ear infection strikes again!  I probably got between 15 and 20 minutes of workout and stretching in before I got dizzy.  I sat down on the ottoman and then from there I fell down.  Talk about embarrassing.  Luckily Adam was the only one who had to see that.  He helped me up off the floor and into a chair before finishing up the video.  Mia immediately jumped onto my lap to make sure I was ok.  Before I had to stop, the ski jump exercise hurt my knee, even though I had the brace on.

I ended up on the couch with heat on my ear and an ice pack on my knee.  How's that for a happenin' Friday night?  I had my boys, though, who made sure I was ok.  Daven slept on me on the couch while Adam and I watched Looper.  So it was a pretty good night after all.

Day 6 (March 2) - Core cardio & balance:  I woke up this morning to both ears hurting so I don't know if I will even attempt to work out today.  I feel super guilty about it, but I don't want to hurt myself either.  I'm still keeping track of my calorie intake as best as I can.  When I stood on the scale before my shower this morning, the numbers stopped going up at 262.  So that's 6 pounds for the week!  I'm definitely in a happier place than I was last week after my let-down of a weigh in.

I'm hoping that I will feel well enough tomorrow to do the workout to make up for today.  While the ear infection doesn't make me completely useless, I wouldn't trust myself to drive right now either.  I have the high-pitched ringing in my left ear and feel all together off balance.  I wonder if there is any chance that Daven's ENT Dr. would take a peek in my ears on Tuesday when we go for his appointment?  I'm guessing probably not, and it bums me out that Daven seems to have inherited my ear issues. 

Day 7 (March 3) - Rest:  Well, this has been my worst week with working out so far.  I didn't make up the video.  This ear crud has me stumbling to stay up right.  When we were out today I kept having to hold onto Adam's arm to steady myself.  I'm still counting those stupid calories, though.  I don't want to go completely off the rails.  While I am excited about the progress I've made this week, I'm also bummed that I haven't been well enough to keep up with the insanity routine every day.  Hopefully I feel better soon!


  1. Seems to me you did EXCELLENT considering you have serious vertigo issues right now brought on by the ear issues. And the counting calories does suck big donkey balls, I dont think I could do that. So more power to you for getting with and sticking to the program! Also, even though Ive said it before Guaca Mole is the shit!

    1. Thanks for cheering me on, Shelbs. You're the best!