Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Workout Hiatus

Now that I am finally done with my meds for that never-ending ear infection, I had high hopes of starting the Insanity program back from the beginning.  After the doctor-ordered rest and some advice from you all, I decided that I needed to just start completely over.

I was all set to start yesterday afternoon.  And then I freaking twisted my bad knee.  Daven and I were getting ready to leave out into the nasty cold, rainy day to his ENT appointment and I walked back into the office to grab something.  I tripped on a toy on the floor and my right foot got caught on my left pant leg.  I managed to keep from falling on my face, but my right knee is feeling horrible. I put on my last generic Icy Hot patch on it and then sat with an ice pack later that evening.  I feel like such a klutz. 

Since I'm pretty much a hot mess, I think I am going to have to find an alternative work out program to do that isn't has hard on the joints as Insanity is.  And no, I will not be working out with Jillian.  That woman irks me.  I will not have her telling me what to do.  While I'm not opposed to all videos with female-led instruction, something about that woman's smirky face makes me twitchy.

So what should I do?  Anyone have a relatively low impact workout that they really liked?  I certainly don't want to quit all together.  I want to get healthier, and I really did feel better about myself when I was working out. 

So help me out.  Give me your recommendations!

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  1. Walking of course is the best place to start. Key to walking is keep a fairly decent pace and keep your arms up! Keep elbows bent and arms moving, also keep your elbows in at your sides! Also I would suggest yoga, find a video with a couple levels and try that, it is good for strength and core building and it will def make you sweat! I know that some of the moves are hard due to top heaviness but if you look around you should be able to find one that would suit your needs. As for other low impact stuff, best bet is water aerobics, like in the summer get a zumba video or something very active and moving and do it in your moms pool. Anything in the water is good bc of the natural resistance it provides and its easier on the joints.